Emily Wong, Designer/Owner Habita WallpaperOur wallpapers are the backdrops for the moments that make a house a home, and a shared space unforgettable — filling your workspace with warmth and inspiration, creating a chic and cozy corner, and conjuring a serene setting for a lazy Sunday breakfast.

Habita is a wallpaper studio created by Emily Wong, a textile and graphic designer based in Austin, Texas. Influenced by nature's geometry, mid-century design and Mesoamerican patterns, she incorporates color and movement into sketches that are then crafted into gouache paintings, a traditional method used in textile design. This process creates an earthy, rich, matte feel that provides a great contrast to other metallic accents and frames in your space. The patterns are printed in on a clay-based paper, using water-based inks that are certified for low VOC emissions and FSC certified paper that source only from sustainably managed forests.

At Habita, we are mindful of the desire that we all have – to live in a beautiful space. We donate 5% of profits to Foundation Communities, a local nonprofit that provides affordable, attractive homes and free on-site support services for thousands of families, veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities.